Aldo Tura (Italian, 1909-1963)

In 1939 Aldo Tura established a furniture and accessories production studio in the Lombardy region of Italy.  He was well known for his luxe and decorative pieces of high quality and craftsmanship.  During the post-war period when many designers were moving towards modernism and mass-production, Tura’s signature style drew from Art Deco inspiration and he focused on handcrafted furniture made from rich materials in sumptuous finishes, most notably lacquered parchment or goatskin.   The material was selected and manufactured through a long and complex process and oftentimes dyed brown, green, red, blue or purple or kept natural colored.  Some of his earlier furniture pieces from the 1950s and 60s were decorated with figural illustrations, but most were simply covered in lacquered goatskin sometimes embellished with historical brass hardware.  Tura produced cabinets, tables, and most commonly bars of various sizes and functionality – from rolling carts to large tiered cabinets along with bar-related accessories such as ice buckets, pitchers, cocktail shakers and ashtrays – all covered in lacquered goatskin.

To this day, the company creates modern and versatile collections for exclusive projects in various sectors – such as interior design for hotels, stores, yachts, airplanes and cars – and is still producing its line using traditional craftsmanship and Italian design in novel ways.  Some of Tura’s most noted commissions were designing the Rolex Boutique, the Ritz Hotel in London, as well as the estates of Giorgio Armani and the royal family in Bahrain.

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