Vivai del Sud (est. 1950)

Vivai del Sud was a Roman company established in 1950 as a specialist in landscape gardening, reconstruction of the territory, restoration of large historical parks as well as design of bold “Jardin d’hiver” on terraces and attics of historic centers in Italy and abroad.  During the 1970s, Vivai del Sud established itself as a leader in the field of the manufacture of high-end furniture and accessories for indoor and outdoor use. It was founded by Piero di Pierri with the assistance of his brothers Giorgio and Gianfranco who were involved in the multitude of activities associated with the brand. The company’s activities spanned a wide range of sectors: from design to interior decoration on commission for villas and hotels; from the architecture of gardens to the production of exclusive furniture distributed all over the world. Vivai del Sud specialized in design, promoting a cultured and sophisticated “Roman style”. During this period, Italian magazines in the sector – from Casa Vogue to Gran Bazaar and from Domus to L’Architettura – devoted articles and covers to the furniture produced by Vivai del Sud.

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