Effetto Vetro
Contemporary Custom Sculptural Round Concave Mirror in Green
Italy, 2023
Effetto Vetro
Contemporary Custom Sculptural Round Concave Mirror in Green
Italy, 2023
3 H x 43 ΒΌ Dia in (7.6 x 110 cm)

Effetto Vetro contemporary large round concave colored mirrored glass in antique green mounted on a polished brass structure on the back with three mounting clips on the front edges, Italy, 2023. This exquisite mirror is handmade and hand silvered – a sculptural work of art, grand and impressive in scale and and comes in a variety of vintage glass colors from the 1950s. Since each mirror is meticulously hand-crafted including silvering, there are subtle variations inherent in the handmade process.

The green color of this mirror is an extraordinary soft vintage green shade of Murano glass no longer seen these days with more recently produced green glass. Depending on the different angles it’s viewed from, the reflections change because of its concave shape.
Signed Effetto Vetro on metal plaque attached to brass structure on underside.

Comes in a variety of vintage glass colors including rose, amber, bronze, green, azure, aquamarine, China blue, cobalt blue, gray and black.
Currently in stock are rose, amber, bronze, green, azure, China blue, cobalt blue and black.
Custom sizes available in all colors.
Lead time for custom orders is 4-6 weeks.

After years of training in several Italian artisan glass workshops, Maurizio Foddis (born 1975) and Andrea Baisi (born 1976) founded Effetto Vetro in 2014, an artisan glass atelier specializing in handcrafted furniture, lighting, and mirrors using cut glass and crystal. Through their continuous research, Foddis and Baisi have amassed an important and extensive archive of carefully selected materials, including special types of glass and mirrors that are no longer in production. Using their vast experience and experimentation with technical innovations in glass and mirror production, Effetto Vetro presents a sophisticated and unique collection of decorative arts using an exquisite range of modern and historical opaline glass colors always maintaining a handcrafted expertise. Effetto Vetro is well established and collaborates with a number of international galleries as well as to be represented at top art and design fairs in Paris, London and New York.

Price: $12,900
Item #: EFF502
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